Course Details:-.

Name of Course : Fitter / Fitter Dual

Course Duration : 2 Year

Minimum Qualification : 10th Pass.

Apprenticeship Training : 3 Years including 2 year basic Training

Skills Acquired :

1  Simple marking out according to simple blue print
2  Filing/ hack sawing and chipping
3 Heat treating operations like hardening, tempering and annealing.
4  Rivet lap and butt joint/
5  Butt and fillet welds – Gas & Arc.
6  Gas cutting.
7  Chucking, centering, plain turning, taper turning, boring and thread cutting.
8  Precision marking, fit contours and geometrical figures and make male and female parts.
9   Drill holes, counter bore and spot face.
10 Use height and depth gauge, micrometer and vernier calipers to an accuracy of 1/1000/100 mm.
11  Markup, punching, cutting, chipping and file jobs as per blue prints+able to finish an accuracy of 0.003’/ 0.08 mm.
12  Operate a bench drill and to drill ream holes.
13  Fit dowel pin, studs, bolts and dovetailed sides etc.
14  Use of sine bat and slip gauges, inspect angles.
15 Remetal, scrap and assemble bearings.
16  Make simple jigs & fixtures.
17  Dismantle & assemble simple machine parts and accessories.
18  Repair broken gear tooth.